About Us

Our Story

Toss Noodle Bar is an asian fusion restaurant located in Berkeley, California that serves endless number of different combinations of dishes to choose from. Opened in 2013, Toss has been the haven that provides its customers the freedom to mix whatever they please into their dish.
With a easy 3 step process, customers have the ultimate choice of designing their plate.

Step 1. Choose your base. These can be noodles or rice.

Step 2. Add a delicious sauce into the mix.

Step 3. Pick your choice of meat, because we all need a bit of protein in our life.

Whether you are a recurring customer or a new one, Toss wants you to leave having an umami experience. So why don’t you come visit Toss Noodle Bar in Berkeley, we are happy to serve you!


Our Noodles

Our Noodles

Our 6 distinct noodles are what makes us the best. Gathered and bought from local produce and vendors, our noodles are fresh, nutritious, and ready for you.

Noodles are ordered in clockwise direction:



Thin Rice


Flat rice

Glass (Middle)

Fresh Ingredients.

Prepared daily, our ingredients have never failed to provide our dishes with the savory taste Toss is known for. Our style of Wok cooking, one of the healthiest ways to prepare food brings fast and high temperatures to keep your food at its natural color, texture while providing you with the essential vitamins and nutrients you need.